May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018 Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

We skipped Spring all together here in Springfield, Illinois (Zone 5b).  We had a few lovely spring days intermixed with cold and heat, then a swim ch was flipped and we went straight for the heat.
Mother's was in the 90’s.  My clematis vine is growing inches a day, hostas are shooting up and leafing  out  faster than I’ve ever seen.
'Chocolate Chip' Ajuga with Golden Mop False Cypress and tulips Spring 2018
 The Ajuga popped up on schedule and has had a longer bloom time than I remember.  This photo was taken a week ago in the height of the performance.  It has dulled a bit since then, but still displays a carpet of color.  The Golden Mops are a new addition.  I have one more to add, but I did not want to disturb the tulips until they had their run. I'm hoping the Cypress along with the 2 Hollys waiting to get planted will had some stability to the front bed under the Master Bedroom window.

'Chocolate Chip' Ajuga with Golden Mop False Cypress and tulips, Bee Balm and Japanese Maple Spring 2018

Staying out in front, the phlox have been loud and bold this season.

Phlox under a Blue Spruce, Red twig Dogwood in back and 'Magic Carpet' Spirea on the right, Spring 2018
 I thought too long whether I should shave down the 'Magic Carpet' Spireas (i have 3 of this variety).  I enjoyed them so much last year.  Time got away from me and I was afraid of loosing out on Spring flowers.  I regret my hesitation.  Now they are a bit lazy and floppy.
Lesson learned.
Come this fall, they will be getting a Military buzz.
Phlox under a Blue Spruce, Red twig Dogwood in back and Spirea on the right, Spring 2018
My favorite tree.  The State Tree of Oklahoma (yes, I live in Illinois)
Red Bud tree front of house Spring 2018
Last year I did not see any blooms from either of my Bleeding Hearts.  I thought I'd killed them off since I had moved them the summer before (in the heat of the summer).  But I spoke with a few others and they were disappointed with their blooms as well. 
Well, they are back!!!
Bleeding Heart Spring 2018

Bleeding Heart with Hosta
My glorious Ninebark was becoming untamable.  I read an article (or a dozen) that I could chop down to a few feet and it would come back healthy.  I was nervous, but am happy to see this guy happy and bright.  I bet within a year he will fill the corner of the house once again.

The bakers dozen of geraniums I bought last year are doing well.  For some reason I've had ill fated luck with geraniums. This has bothered me greatly.
This time - I won!!  They are filling in nicely around the back of the house.
Geranium with a thoughtful frog and Sedum in the background
Iris - a hijacker on another borrowed plant.  Don't know the variety
Clematis after a hard pruning. Spring 2018

Heuchera and 'Chocolate Chip' Ajuga
The Foxglove in the photo below looks so nice paired with the blue star flowers of the Amsonia.  However, the Foxgloves were purchased and recently planted, so their blooms were greenhouse forced.  This might be the only time they are in bloom together.
'Little Arkansas' Amsonia with foxglove in the back Spring 2018
 Added Dianthus Summer '17
'Fire Witch' Dianthus
Many other plants are leafing out and filling in, but these are the blooms making themselves known as of May Bloom Day.  Thank you May Dreams Gardens Blog for hosting Bloom Day


  1. Looks great! Love the Ajuga!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful!
    I am envious of the Clematis - so lovely!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  3. It's been a long time since I have visited, ShellE, and the last time I was here I think you were just starting your garden. Wow! Everything has really filled in and looks lovely. The False Cypress is one of my favorites and looks great with the Ajuga. Your clematis is stunning!