Jul 10, 2017

Looking Back

I came across a photo, whilst looking for something else entirely, and it made me want to do a before and after edition.

This is June 2014 from the THIS BLOG POST.  The patio had been poured and Hubby trenched the edging for me and my mother and I shopped for the plants and spread the mulch.  I was building 3 gardens at once, so I was buying the smallest, cheapest plants possible. Under the hanging basket, you can see the tiny mound of the Weigela.  Now, it hovers near the edge!
House Bed June 2104
 3 years later...

As much as I move things around, I love looking at these photos to see what I have left alone. The Coreopsis, Weigela, Siberian Iris, Penstemon and clematis have remained.  Everything else has been relocated or did not survive.
Catmint, 'Zagreb' Coreopsis, Speedwell, 'Rubies N' Gold' Weigela, 'Kobold' Liatris July 2017
Same spot July 2017

'Zagreb' Coreopsis and Veronica Speedwell with 'Rubies N' Gold' Weigela in back June 2014
'Zagreb' Coreopsis and Veronica Speedwell June 2014

Siberian Iris and Center Glow Ninebark June 2014
June 2014 Siberian Iris and Center Glow Ninebark. First year

and Now
'Autumn Joy' Sedum, 'Rubies N' Gold' Weigela, Siberian Iris, 'Center Glow Ninebark' w Pots filled with annuals July 2017
'Autumn Joy' Sedum, 'Rubies N' Gold' Weigela, Siberian Iris, 'Center Glow Ninebark' w Pots filled with annuals July 2017
It's nice to see how far this space has come in just 3 years. Gives me hope for the other spots in my gardens that are newer and infant like.  This west facing bed, up against the back of my house is one of my favorite views.  Other than a few naked spots that I've had a hard time filling, this has been the easiest bed to create and maintain.   It has a few Spring pops of color, keeps looking lush throughout the summer then still has some fall punch left.  This was all by accident.  That is what makes me giggle!!!

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  1. Hi, ShellE! Good to see you back posting. Your garden has really filled in nicely--it's lovely! This reminds me of a conversation I had the other day with a fellow gardener about how my garden has reached jungle proportions because I planted everything too close together and keep adding more. She said there's an old saying--"You spend the first three years wishing all your plants would grow, and then you wish they would stop.":)